#teamreboot – A Virtual Environment

July 23rd, 2013

Author: Nicole Emmett, Director, Business Development

What a busy year it’s been for Reboot! The past month alone has seen our team travel to New York, Kelowna, Toronto, San Diego and Colorado Springs,  putting our virtual workplace to the test. At least one of us is usually on the go for meetings, events or training, and yet it seems like our team never shuts down. What many people might not know is that we are all based in various cities across the country. The majority of the team is on the west coast in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary while I’m based out of Ottawa. The idea of working like this is not a novel concept, but the way our team coordinates, collaborates and connects leads me to believe that we are pioneers in the virtual environment.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the “home office” for the past few months and whether it is more or less productive than traditional office settings. My verdict stands that it depends entirely on the environment and example that the employer sets. Our CEO, Greg Spievak, is the perfect model for the virtual environment. He is constantly on the go, always checking in, taking calls and still giving our entire team the support and direction we need to do our jobs. He encourages us to take ownership of our roles, work collaboratively and use technology to help us stay connected. This has a massive impact on the rest of our team. We all have well balanced lives, are in constant communication, manage to pull off between five and six major events a year, and there are only five of us on our team. If that doesn’t prove the value of a virtual work environment, I don’t know what will.