#teamreboot – Rebooted Focus for the 2013/2014 School Year

August 13th, 2013

Author: Leslie McGuire, Communications Coordinator

As I reflect on my classes from the past year at BCIT School of Business, there is one thing that sticks with me from my Organizational Behaviour class: One of the keys to success and satisfaction in your career is having strong job design and work motivation.  Some of the most rewarding careers are those which have a high level of autonomy.  Such a job would provide independence, freedom, discretion and would allow me to see a project through from beginning to end. Working at Reboot has given me the privilege to experience such a job.

Before working at Reboot, I had not met a group who was so dedicated to their work, determined, driven, and passionate about what they do.  By creating an environment that allows you to work from home, the beach, the 36th floor of a prestigious hotel, or even sailing off into the sunset on a BC ferry, Reboot has successfully developed a system that allows for as close to a perfect work- life balance while maintaining a focused and hard-working staff.

It will be difficult to leave this lifestyle behind for the next nine months as I return to my Marketing Management program at BCIT. Although I won’t be able to listen in on my lectures from the beach, I realized that the world of Event Production isn’t far off from my daily life at school.

Much like flipping your brain from one subject to the next in school, Event Production requires you to juggle six or more events at a time.  One minute you could be arranging the venue for the Canadian Videogame Awards, the next you could be contacting the White House to invite a speaker to the Digital Economy Summit.  You’re never exactly sure how your day will unfold but you know that every day will be one step closer to your end result, whether it be acing those final exams or developing a first-class conference.

So as I brace myself for the long nights of studying, countless amounts of coffee to get me through the days, and lack of communication with the outside world, I will be motivated by the thought of returning to a fulfilling, autonomous job and to a great team.