Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu is an Assistant Professor in the Faculties of Law and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Katz Research Fellow in Health Law and Science Policy at the University of Alberta. His scholarly work is focused broadly on the societal implications of novel health care technologies and the ethical, legal and social challenges associated with existing medical and public health systems, practices and infrastructures. His academic publications have explored a diverse range of issues in health care and science policy, including health information privacy protections, genetic testing, bio-banks, stem cell research, ownership of the human body, genetic discrimination, global health, public health, vaccination, infectious diseases and research ethics, and ethical and legal issues surrounding complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Ogbogu has completed several privacy-related research projects, most notably a study funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Contributions Program, which produced a model policy framework for dealing with privacy challenges in cell therapy research. Dr. Ogbogu is the recipient of the 2015 Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations Distinguished Academic Early Career Award and a member of the University of Alberta’s Health Law Institute.