Toni Moffa

Deputy Chief/ADM, Information Technology Security Program, Communications Security Establishment Canada

After graduating from McGill University, Montreal in 1984, Ms. Moffa began her career with CSEC as a linguist/analyst in 1986. Up to 1998, she held multiple managerial positions throughout the SIGINT program including responsibilities for client relations, collection, intelligence production, and SIGINT policy, planning and financial management. In 1998, Ms. Moffa entered the Executive cadre and held several Director positions in the areas of IT Security, SIGINT and Corporate Services. From 2002-04, Ms. Moffa was Canada’s Senior Liaison Officer to the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland, USA. In July 2004, she returned to Ottawa as the Director of Global Access Programs. In May 2005 Toni was promoted to the Director General level and has held several DG positions, namely: DG IT Security Strategic Management which included responsibilities for strategic planning, financial management, client relations, the IT Security Learning Centre, and Industry Programs, DG Policy and Communications, and DG Intelligence. Ms. Moffa has been the Deputy Chief for the IT Security program since April 2009.