Robert Herjavec

Founder, The Herjavec Group, Investor, and Television Personality (Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank)

Robert Herjavec is one of North America’s most recognizable business leaders. He has built and sold businesses on his way to amassing a personal fortune of over $100 million dollars. A first generation immigrant, Robert arrived in Halifax, Canada on a boat with his parents after escaping communism in former Yugoslavia. With only one suitcase, few prospects, $20 and no understanding of the English language, his unlimited dreams led him to experience the classic “rags to riches” immigrant story. From delivering newspapers, waiting on tables and launching a computer company from his basement, he applied his immense energy and ambition with outstanding success. A serial entrepreneur, Robert has built and sold several companies including a computer security company to AT&T and a technology Company to Nokia for $225 Million. Widely known as an entrepreneurial and motivational expert, Robert’s business advice has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines. Following a short retirement, Robert launched The Herjavec Group, now acknowledged as Canada’s fastest growing technology company, and in a few short years has grown from $400k in sales with 3 people to currently $125 million and almost 200 people. Robert’s celebrity status has expanded with leading roles on Dragons’ Den – the #1 TV show in Canada (now in its 7th Season) and the American hit show Shark Tank (now in its 3rd Season, produced by Mark Burnett Productions, Sony, Disney and ABC). With the aptly titled “Driven” published by Harper Collins, Robert can now add “best selling author” to his resume. Published in 2010, “Driven” stayed on the bestseller list for over 8 months and became one of the best selling business books in Canada. “Driven” is now available in paperback and Harper Collins recently announced that Robert has been contracted for a second book, due in the fall of 2012.