Richard Purcell

CEO, Corporate Privacy Group

Richard Purcell has been a leading voice in addressing consumer privacy and data protection challenges since the late ‘90’s. He leads Corporate Privacy Group (CPG), an independent consulting firm focusing on establishing sustainable and effective information security and privacy programs. CPG supports multi-national corporations, Internet start-ups and government agencies in planning, developing, and implementing enterprise-wide programs designed to respect and protect personal information. Utilizing its proprietary management model, 3PT™, CPG works from a basis of assuring that the right people develop and communicate the right policies supported by the right processes and technologies. CPG also offers award-winning Web-based education and training courseware for security and privacy awareness, knowledge and skills development. As Microsoft’s original privacy officer, Richard designed, developed, implemented and oversaw one of the world’s largest and most advanced privacy programs spanning Internet properties, software products, end-user support and information systems. In 2002, Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative included the global privacy program as a key enterprise pillar. Throughout this period, Richard worked closely with regulators and legislators in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia to create global accountability and compliance standards and maintains those relationships today. Recently, Richard also served as Chairman of the Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee to the Department of Homeland Security and as the Executive Director of the non-profit research agency, the Privacy Projects. Previously, he served on the Federal Trade Commission’s Online Access & Security Advisory Committee and as Chairman of TRUSTe, the pioneering online privacy certification agency. He sits on several corporate advisory boards and regularly addresses issues of information privacy and data protection domestically and globally.