Marcia Nelson

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Alberta Government

Ms. Nelson began her career in public service working for the Ontario government for 14 years in a variety of policy, planning, and research positions in several ministries. Her last position was Director of Corporate Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

In 2002, Ms. Nelson joined the Alberta public service as Assistant Deputy Minister of Strategic Services for Alberta Human Resources and Employment. Marcia also served as head of the Policy Coordination Office of Executive Council, where she was responsible for coordinating the Government of Alberta’s annual strategic planning process, promoting cross-ministry collaboration, and advising on policy initiatives as they moved through the decision-making process.

In March 2008, Marcia Nelson was appointed Deputy Minister of Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs. In October 2011, Marcia served as Deputy Minister of Health, and since September 2013, she has been Deputy Minister of Alberta Infrastructure. Marcia is responsible for leading the development of the Government of Alberta Capital plan, building and upgrading government owned and government supported infrastructure, including health facilities, schools, and post-secondary institutions, and managing government building, land, and corporate assets.

Ms. Nelson’s career accomplishments include:

• Developing the Government of Alberta’s 2014-17 Capital Plan;
• Initiating province wide primary health care reform to implement a new model of team-based, community focused care;
• Developing a long term health sustainability plan;
• Developing and implementing Alberta’s first 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness;
• Establishing Alberta’s Policy Coordination Office and leading the Government of Alberta’s Policy Capacity initiative.

Marcia is currently a member of the Institute for Public Administration of Canada, Edmonton Regional Group. She is also an Advisory Committee Member for Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Professional Arts in Governance Law & Management program. Her past volunteer commitments include several executive positions for non-profit social service organizations.

Ms. Nelson has a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration and a BA in Canadian Studies and Sociology both from McMaster University.