Mack Adams

CEO & Agile Consultant, Alluvial Consulting

Mack Adams has worked in a range of roles that provide him with a depth of perspective and experience that he applies with companies through advisory, coaching, consulting and training. His objective is to help technology organizations better align their business strategy, product development & delivery with their organization and processes. Mack works in the areas of Product Management, Organizational Strategy & Design, Agile Transformation, and Program & Project Management using techniques such as User Story Mapping, Graphic Facilitation, Executive Coaching and Change Management. He is also a certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC). He’s an expert in multicultural environments based on deep cultural immersion & study while working & living in 5 countries. This is underpinned with a deep understanding of cultural differences, be they driven by geography, language, roles or organizational history. Mack holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the University of Victoria, 1998. Mack presents regularly at conferences such as Agile Central Europe, Agile Grenoble, Agile Portugal, Agile France and others. Mack’s key values are trust, open listening and servant leadership.