Jo-Ann Smith

Director, Information Security, Vancity

Jo-Ann is an IT security professional who has worked in information technology as both an employee and a consultant for more than 25 years. She has played many roles ranging from a technology review and implementation to senior leadership on global cybersecurity teams supporting business and technology. She currently leads a team of cyber and forensic professionals, at Vancity, that are able to adapt to the ever changing threat landscape. She is responsible for assessing risks to ensure the protection of the information assets entrusted to the organization. Orchestrating and innovative, proactive and cost-effective cyber program enables her to provide practical guidance to business and IT teams while enabling business strategy in parallel.

Jo-Ann has extensive experience and skills in risk management and compliance, incident investigations, network design and analysis, the application and integration GRC tools, and security operations. She leverages this experience to integrate traditional information and physical security practices, develop and maintain modern, usable, policies and technology practices to ensure the mitigation of risk in today’s world of ongoing cyber threats while continually maturing the cyber program at Vancity.

Her background and skills include a strong technical support background for cyber security operations, threat hunting, and data incident response has led her to work with both IT and executive teams, up to and including the board of directors.