Jay Stanley

Senior Policy Analyst, The American Civil Liberties Union

Jay Stanley is Senior Policy Analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, where he researches, writes and speaks about technology-related privacy and civil liberties issues and their future. Stanley writes for and is editor of the ACLU’s Free Future blog. He has authored and co-authored numerous influential ACLU reports, white papers and blog posts. Recent policy pieces have covered surveillance drones, police body cameras, and the rights of photographers. Other major reports include “The Surveillance Industrial Complex” (2004), which traced the growing intersection between government surveillance and the private sector (called “incredibly prescient” by Salon’s Glenn Greenwald); Science Under Siege (2005), and “What’s Wrong With Fusion Centers” (2007). He also wrote “The Crisis in Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence” (2010), an Issue Brief published by the American Constitution Society. Stanley has also served as communications strategist and media spokesperson for the ACLU on technology issues. He was co-chair of the 2009 Computers, Freedom and Privacy (CFP) conference in Washington DC, and serves on the CFP steering committee. He is a member of the International Advisory Board of London-based Privacy International. Before joining the ACLU in 2001, Stanley was an analyst at the technology research firm Forrester, where he focused on Internet related policies, including online privacy, taxation, and antitrust issues, as well as researching political communication via the web. Stanley also served as the American politics editor of Facts on File’s World News Digest, where he covered Congress and presidential politics. Stanley is a graduate of Williams College and holds an M.A. (ABD) in American History from the University of Virginia.