George Gilka

Senior Security Consultant, CGI

George currently is a lead consultant in the CGI Global Cyber Security Practice. He has over 18 years of experience in the IT Security industry across a wide range of domains and roles in the private and public sector with a focus on governance, risk, and compliance. George has been involved in the NERC standards committee, conducts training and assessments, and has participated and completed NERC recognized training seminars. He is trilingual, and has certifications including CISSP, CISM, CISA, and prior to CGI was a PCI-DSS qualified security assessor for the Payment Card Industry.  He has extensive business development experience throughout his career that has complimented his technical security knowledge and skill.

He has performed many compliance assessments, threat risk assessments, developed risk management strategies, instructed security courses and training for the Canadian Government and private companies, and managed security initiatives and activities focused on improving the overall security posture and compliance of organizations. George has held senior security roles with companies such as TELUS, the Senate of Canada, Nortel Networks, Computer Associates, Entrust, KyberPass, KastenChase, and Certicom. This experience has provided him with a solid foundation of strong technical and business understanding across a wide range of IT security subject matter expertise focused at IT Security compliance and governance. George has Top Secret clearance with the Government of Canada and has been officially recognized in various roles including Senior IT Security Methodology, Policy and Procedures Analyst and Senior Threat and Risk Assessment and Certification & Accreditation Analyst, and Senior IT Security Project Manager. He also is a professor at Algonquin College where he instructs courses on risk management, and IT security law and compliance including on topics of NERC CIP standards.