Gautam Lohia

Chief Technology Officer, Blast Radius

Gautam Lohia has been at Blast Radius for 14 years in various executive roles overseeing the growth of the company into a globally recognized strategic digital agency. In his dual current roles Gautam is responsible for the West Coast business of Blast Radius as well as the global technology practice. Previous to this, Gautam lead the Blast Global Delivery practice and steered the growth of five office in North America and Europe, lead the implementation of an enterprise resource management system, established a global project management office, and rolled out the Managed Service line of business. While at Blast Radius, Gautam has overseen large projects and long-term engagements for clients including Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Shangri-La Hotels, Electronic Arts, Sasktel, and BMW. With over 23 years experience in Digital, Telecommunications, and Information Technology Gautam has an excellent record of successfully combining technology, design and strategic initiatives to meet business goals and objectives. Prior to joining Blast Radius, Gautam was Director of E-Business at Belgacom in Brussels. Before that he held various senior management positions as well ran his own consulting firm in Vancouver. Gautam is also a co-founder of QuickMobile, the leading provider of mobile event apps. Gautam has a Bachelors Degree in Science (Computer Science) and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of British Columbia.