Gary Folker

Executive Vice President, Orion Health

Gary Folker is responsible for the strategic planning, ongoing development and growth of Orion Health in Canada. He draws from more than 30 years of experience pioneering healthcare technology in Canada and is ideally positioned to guide business development for the leading eHealth provider. Prior to joining Orion Health in May 2011, Gary was Managing Director for Healthcare with xwave (a Bell Company). In that role, he built and managed partnerships and propelled development of integrated healthcare solutions such as xwaveEMR, a hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) electronic medical record for primary-care physicians in Ontario. Gary has exemplary credentials that include spearheading the implementation of Canada’s first fully-integrated electronic patient chart; introducing into the country high-volume scanning of patient records; and creating the largest healthcare document-capture facility in North America. Gary has held various senior-management and executive positions, including Chief Operating Officer of a major Canadian health-informatics firm. He has directed development of technology solutions and expanded services that resulted in the introduction into Canada of many leading medical technologies. Gary is a CPHIMS-CA certified professional and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Acadia University.