Elaine McKnight

Associate Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia

Elaine has held several executive positions within the BC government and has over 20 years of experience providing leadership and setting the strategic direction for the development and implementation of a number of complex change initiatives. She currently serves as Associate Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Health. Appointed in February 2012, Elaine provides direction and leadership to the Ministry’s Finance and Corporate Services Division, Health Sector Workforce Division, Health Sector IM/IT Division and Health Sector Planning and Innovation Division. Prior to her appointment as Assoc. Deputy Minister, Elaine was Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for the Ministry of Health’s Planning and Innovation Division. In that role, she was responsible for leading the implementation of government’s strategic direction for the health sector through the Ministry’s Innovation and Change Agenda. She has also served as Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Sector IM/IT which included oversight for the Provincial e-Health program. This program includes eight provincial initiatives designed to deliver electronic health record systems that will give health professionals electronic access to patient health records when and where they deliver care. Elaine holds a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation.