Derick Cassidy

Founder and CTO, Device Identity

Derick is the CTO and Chief Architect for Device Identity. Device Identity is a fledgling company that has identified a need for disruption in the Mobile Device Management space. After spending 17 years doing Identity and Access Management consulting, sales, and architecture for both public and private institutions, Derick realized that smaller is better. Gone are the days of being the Chief Security Architect of a large software vendor. Derick bade farewell to being the Security Lead for the CTO’s office within a Public Sector focused organization. Instead, he chose the startup route. A startup that has security at it’s core. A startup that is focused on enabling enterprises to leverage their corporate data in a mobile fashion. A startup that understands both the cache of employees wanting the latest and greatest, but also the risk management and governance need for consistent, auditable, enforceable, and most importantly secure device management.