Danielle Micciantuono

Clinical Application Analyst, InterSystems

Danielle Micciantuono, a Clinical Application Analyst, is a member of InterSystems clinical executive group. She contributes clinical perspective in the pursuit of improving client satisfaction as well as enhancing nurse, physician, and client technology adoption.

When she joined InterSystems in 2012, Danielle had 15 years of nursing experience at some of the top healthcare institutions in the U.S., including Massachusetts General Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, University of California Medical Center at Los Angeles, and Jefferson University Hospital at Philadelphia. Her rich and varied professional career has included medical, surgical and trauma ICU, endoscopy, home care, clinical research and clinical faculty. She is a member of the Massachusetts Nursing Association.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Northeastern University at Boston, and Master of Science degree in nursing education from Salem State University.