Anthony Sukow

EVP & Co-founder, Terapeak

Big Data — for the past 10 years I have worked developing Business Intelligence tools for e-commerce merchants. As the Master Licensing Partner of eBay e-commerce Data, Terapeak has created systems to manage over 18+ Billion transactions, representing over $425 Billion worth of online spending from 100 Million consumers around the world. This single e-commerce data set is one of the largest unstructured data sets, and also one of the most valuable — with respect to real time consumer insights. Terapeak was building “Big Data” before “Big Data” was a catch phrase. As a Co-Founder my Brother and I provide vision and passion for understanding how to build high value data warehouses based on BIG e-commerce data. Currently Terapeak serves over 20,000 of the worlds largest e-commerce merchants, and has developed SaaS solutions for over 1,000,000 merchants worldwide.