Abha Apte

Research Analyst, IE Market Research Corp.

Abha Apte’s role at IEMR allows her to come into contact with an expansive field area in the telecoms value chain where she researches broad global trends in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) space.

Abha has conducted multiple large scale industry research projects in the areas of emerging virtualization and software-defined technologies. Her knowledge of NFV technologies spans across the NFV strategies and tactics employed by a large number of global and regional carriers, along with leading vendors. She has had discussions with key stakeholders in this industry and has comprehensive insights into the aspects of adoption and deployment preferences and concerns. She has also conducted large scale SDN research projects spanning the NA, EMEA, APAC and LATAM markets and has a wide-arching knowledge base of SDN technologies, its NFV use cases, and the tangible dual strategies being employed for trial and commercial migrations to software-defined or virtualized architecture.

Abha has substantial experience with market research, analysis and forecasting in the spheres of Network Security, Application Delivery Controllers and WAN Optimization, Big Data, Cloud services, and OSS/BSS research.

Abha’s educational background in computer hardware/software design and development has provided her with first-hand knowledge in Object Oriented Programming (OOP), digital communications, digital systems design, signal processing and microcontroller programming, with a focus on software-engineered data analysis and network management, design and security. Abha has a Bachelors in Engineering (Hons) in Computer Engineering.