Expert’s Corner: Healthcare with Ross Davidson

May 16th, 2016

In thinking about the upcoming 16th Annual Healthcare Summit, I’m excited about engaging in a dialogue on how to transform the quality of BC healthcare delivery in order to produce more effective and efficient healthcare solutions. I want to focus on how technology can help organizations transform in order to thrive in the new ideas economy. In order to do so we need to know what’s coming up next, the role big data will play, and when will the Canadian healthcare system be ready for more patient-centred care.

  1. What is your prediction for healthcare in Canada in 2016? Healthcare in Canada will continue to make significant strides in improved patient self-care delivery models, personalized medicine, more efficient care delivery and value-based care in 2016. Particularly as it continues to share with and learn from developments around the globe. However the ability to organize and affect change, in timeframes similar to other sectors, will continue to remain a hurdle. In 2016, I expect to see a focus on leveraging cloud, analytics and mobile technologies that will expedite change and aid the adoption of new models. I believe the greatest challenge will be to adopt this change in a manner that meets the needs of all of the stakeholders and improves health outcomes.
  1. How do you see big data changing the healthcare industry? The amount of data we generate and collect has increased exponentially over the last decade. As has our ability to utilize analytics and data management technology to control and manipulate that data and turn it into valuable information. Beyond cutting costs, the next wave of Big Data outcomes in healthcare will be our ability to impact care delivery through real-time aggregation, evaluation and sharing of the data. This will allow us to potentially identify early warning signs and avoid preventable deaths as well as improve quality of care – and life. This is a game-changer for all stakeholders. In addition, as individuals demand and become accustomed to greater transparency and access to information, healthcare providers will need to be prepared deliver this level of information.
  1. Is the Canadian healthcare system ready for personalized medicine and patient-centred care? While I don’t feel comfortable about speaking to the readiness of Canadian systems for personalized medicine or patient-centred care. I believe it is a question of “when,” not “if.” Many are trying to find their way through the maze of change necessary to effectively and fully deliver care in these ways. I do not believe it is an easy task, particularly because healthcare systems are not fundamentally built to change rapidly. There are too many moving parts, too many implications and potential risks associated with such change.

As this will be only the second time I’ve attendance at the Annual Healthcare Summit (I moved to BC just under 2 years ago), I am looking forward to the opportunity to engage with and listening to some of the key stakeholders in this field on the new advancements and innovations that are taking place in the field. I look forward to discussing how technology can accelerate future possibilities.

Ross Davidson - President, HP Advanced Solutions, VP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ross Davidson is the Vice President and General Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) public sector services in British Columbia (BC). In this role, he is responsible for the operations, implementation, and growth of business in BC. Additionally, he serves as the President of HP Advanced Solutions, a subsidiary of HPE, which serves as a […]