Expert’s Corner: Healthcare Q&A with Dr. Chris Eagle

June 17th, 2014

Expert’s Corner with Dr. Chris Eagle: #HealthSummit14

 In anticipation of The 14th Annual Healthcare Summit, Reboot is excited to present “Expert’s Corner”, a series of blog posts featuring outstanding healthcare leaders and professionals who will be speaking at the summit later this month. Read on for a glimpse of what #HealthSummit14 is all about…

We had the opportunity to ask Dr. Chris Eagle a few questions about his views and opinions on pressing healthcare topics leading up to the summit:

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle facing healthcare leaders/decision makers today?

A: Public healthcare must urgently adapt to rapidly changing social and technological conditions.  As professionals, we can identify all the myriad challenges facing healthcare today (from demographics to finance to technology to citizen engagement).  Highly credible reports have been produced over the past four decades that demonstrate paths to improve our health system.

What is lacking?  Action!  We simply must overcome the inertia that comes from working in a complex, 24-7-365, multi stakeholder system.  As leaders, we must work much more effectively together to address the obvious challenges.  Perhaps a new type of leadership is required that is consensual, action oriented, and focused on the long term.  Clearly, status quo leadership is not producing sustainable results.

What is the obstacle?  Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror everyday and ask what you did yesterday to enable a better future.

The solution starts with us.

Q:What are your current goals/objectives for shaping the future healthcare?

A: I firmly believe that the health system in Canada will only improve with new approaches to leadership.

As a medical student in 1975, I was emboldened by Federal Minister Marc Lalonde’s report, “A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians.”  As a retired CEO in 2014, I am embarrassed by how little fundamental change has been accomplished.

The answer to the knowledge-to-action gap is leadership.  Now that I have the gift of time, I am helping to develop new leaders in a number of ways, spanning from individual mentoring, to working with universities and health organizations, to helping national networks, such as CHLNet.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at #HealthSummit14 in Kelowna, BC?

A: First, I love just being in BC, my second home.  But mainly, I am looking forward to rekindling many old personal connections and to making new ones.

This post is part of Reboot Communications’ “Expert’s Corner” series. The 14th Annual Healthcare Summit is happening on June 26-27, 2014, in Kelowna, BC. Find out how you can get involved here

Dr. Chris Eagle - Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Health Services

Dr. Chris Eagle is a retired Professor at the University of Calgary (maintaining an adjunct appointment in the Department of Community Health Sciences), and holds adjunct appointments at the Universities of Alberta and Victoria. He is an acknowledged leader in the field of health care administration. Dr. Eagle twice graduated from the University of Calgary […]