22nd Annual Healthcare Summit The Future of Innovation, Personalized Medicine and Genomics September 22-23, 2022, Vancouver, BC

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Implementing Innovation and Access for Patients

Where we’ll embrace change, turn problems into potential, and chart the future in healthcare

The 22nd Annual Healthcare Summit: The Future of Innovation, Personalized Medicine and Genomics, bringing together over 50 national and international subject matter experts and leaders in digital health technology, personalized medicine, health innovation, value-based healthcare and genomics.

Educating and discussing the most relevant topics on the rapid acceleration towards digital healthcare.

  • Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste:  Will Innovation Transcend Healthcare’s Traditional Boundaries?
  • Digital Health Transformations for Point of Care Health Services
  • Patient Trust & Information Integrity Through Privacy & Security
  • Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Medicine
  • Human Capital Management
  • The Three P’s of Health Innovation: Patients, Practitioners and Privacy
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Have We Fully Leveraged Innovation to Solve the Primary Care Crisis?
  • Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR):  Is Canada Ready to Face This Silent Pandemic?
  • The Future of Digital Health:  Equity and Access
  • Innovation in Genomics Education for Healthcare Professionals
  • Can Innovation and Genomics Avoid Another Health Crisis?

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  • 2 day live interactive in-person experience in Vancouver, BC
  • Collaborate with senior executives who are leading and changing the healthcare industry
  • Signature keynotes by international subject matter experts in healthcare
  • Concurrent panel sessions + interactive in-person Q & A
  • Unparalleled in-person networking via 1:1 meetings and small group conversations
  • Lunch and coffee breaks

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Keynote Speakers

Rich Birhanzel

Global Health Lead, Accenture

Professor George Crooks

Chief Executive Officer, Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (Scotland)

Adam Crown

Group Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare Solutions, Okta

Dr. Pieter Cullis

Scientific Director and CEO, NanoMedicines Innovation Network; Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, UBC

Harjeet Dhaliwal

Deployment Strategist, Palantir Technologies

Stephen Goldsmith

VP, Business Development, Petal Health

Kevin Harter

Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Hospice

Dr. Eman Hassan

Executive Director, BC Centre for Palliative Care

Dr. Indra Joshi

Health, Research & AI Strategist, Palantir Technologies

Dr. Faisal Khan

Co-founder & CEO, OncoHelix

Dr. Helia Mohammadi

Chief Data Scientist and Healthcare Industry Lead, Microsoft Canada

Joel Mueller

Group Manager - Technical Competitive Intelligence, Okta

Ali Mussavi

Executive Director for Data Architecture and Governance, Provincial Health Services Authority

André Picard

Health Reporter and Columnist, The Globe and Mail

Hamed Shahbazi

Chairman and CEO, WELL Health


Mary Ackenhusen

Senior Healthcare Executive; Executive Advisor, Deloitte

Nusrat Amin

Clinical Pharmacist, SRx Health Solutions

Susan Anderson

Chief Information Officer, Nunavut Department of Health

Dianne Balon

Senior Vice President, Government, Alberta Blue Cross

Emily Beduz

Manager, Federal Affairs and Public Policy, GSK

Jaime Chanagá

Field Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Fortinet

Dr. Matthew Chow

Chief Mental Health Officer, TELUS Health

Lisa Chu

Dean, School of Health Sciences, BCIT

Dr. John Conly

Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary; Medical Director, W21C
Moderator: Martin Dawes

Dr. Martin Dawes

Co-Founder and Scientific Director, GenXys

Allie DeLonay

Data Scientist, Data Ethics Practice, SAS

Sarah Dewell

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UNBC

Thea Discepola

Vice President, Value Access & New Product Planning, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Ruslan Dorfman

Founder and CSO, Pillcheck

Dr. Fiona Duncan

Physician Lead, Vancouver Division of Family Practice; Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Practice, UBC

Dr. Chris Eagle

Board Chair, Alberta Cancer Foundation

Dr. Robert Fraser

President and CEO, Molecular You

Suzanne Gill

President & CEO, Genome BC

Sarah Hamilton

Patient Advisor, Patient Voices Network

David Helliwell

Co-Founder & Executive Board Chair, Thrive Health

Dr. Kendall Ho

Emergency Physician; Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine

Honourable Fred Horne

Former Alberta Minister of Health; Senior Advisor, 3Sixty Public Affairs

Craig Ivany

Chief Provincial Diagnostics Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority

John Jacobson

Former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services

Dr. Paul Krzyzanowski

Medical Director, Precision Medicine, Janssen Canada

Dr. Anna Lehman

Clinical Geneticist, BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital; Associate Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, UBC

Matthew Lehner

CTO, OneFeather

Dr. Holly Longstaff

Director Research Integration and Innovation, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa

Chief Scientific Officer, Genome Canada

Dr. Catrina Loucks

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC; Investigator, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Dr. Evgueni Loukipoudis

Chief Technology Officer, Circle Innovation

Dr. Alan Low

Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC; Exec. Director, MedAccess BC; Primary Care Pharmacist & Pharmacy Lead, BioPro Biologics Pharmacy

Quinn Mah

Executive Director - Information Management, Alberta Health

John Matheson

Consultant, Digital Health and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde; Board Member, Doctors and Dentists Review Board; Consultant, CGI; Chair, Audit and Risk Committee, Transport Scotland

Drew McArthur

Principal, The McArthur Consulting Group

Tara McCarville

Principal, Brighton Group Health; Board Member, WELL Health Technologies

Dr. Joby McKenzie

Managing Director, Canada, Teladoc Health

Jeremy Mickolwin

VP, Clinic Operations, WELL Health

Tim Murphy

Vice President, Health, Alberta Innovates

Thomas O’Shaughnessy

Partner and Leader, Health Care (Western Canada), Deloitte

Sue Paish

CEO, Digital Supercluster

Dani Peters

Senior Advisor, Canadian Antimicrobial Innovation Coalition (CAIC); President, Magnet Strategy Group

Dr. Samantha Pollard

Senior Methodologist, Cancer Control Research, BC Cancer

Glynda Rees

Program Lead Digital Health Advanced Certificate, BCIT; Faculty, Bachelor of Science Nursing Program, BCIT

Dr. Celia Richardson

Senior Principal, Innovation & Thought Leadership - Talent & Organization, Accenture

Dr. Ian Rongve

Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy & Innovation Division, Ministry of Health, Province of BC

Dr. Sameeh Salama

Chief Scientific Officer, Fedora Pharmaceuticals

Joerg Schwarz

Senior Director, Strategy and Solutions, Healthcare Interoperability, Infor

Pamela Snively

VP, Chief Data & Trust Officer, TELUS

Christine Sorensen

Former President, BC Nurses’ Union

Wes Sylvester

WW Vice President, Industry Solutions Group, Cisco

Dr. Alina Turner

Co-Founder & Co-President, HelpSeeker Technologies

Joan Weir

Vice President, Group Benefits, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

Kim Wieringa

Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Health, Health Information Systems Division, Government of Alberta

Dr. Durhane Wong-Rieger

President & CEO, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders

Jimmy Yang

Managing Director, Canada Health Industry Lead, Accenture
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Thursday, September 22, 2022

8:15am – 8:25am PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Call to Conference & Territorial Acknowledgement

8:25am – 9:10am PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Session 1 - Keynote Address: Rebooting Medicare: A Post-Covid Prescription for Reviving a Faltering Health System

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a harsh light on the weak spots in Canada’s health system. It also provided a blueprint for the priorities for tackling reforms.

A veteran health reporter provides a top 5 “to-do” list for reforming medicare.

9:10am – 10:40am PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Opening Panel: Will Innovation Transcend Healthcare’s Traditional Boundaries? Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

The pandemic has revealed how vulnerable the healthcare industry is to change and its need for structural and technological transformation. In the future of health, we expect six key areas—data sharing, interoperability, equitable access, empowered consumers, behaviour change, and scientific breakthrough—to collectively transform the existing health system from treatment-based reactionary care to prevention and well-being. The traditional boundaries of the industry will dissolve and new roles will emerge in the future of health as exponential innovation propels the industry towards 2040. “Deloitte Consulting” What will it take for government, industry, academia and the consumer to move the system forward?

10:40am – 10:55am PST

Morning Break

10:55am – 11:25am PST Coal Harbour Ballroom Presentation Files Palantir

Session 2 – Keynote by Palantir: How Can We Effectively, Ethically, and Strategically Use Data to Save Lives?

The use of data in healthcare is at an inflection point. The past few years have taught us that to make life saving choices we need accurate and timely data. We also need to make better use of the data, to utilize it in an ethical and safe way in order to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence and realize its true life saving potential.

In this session we will explore the power of data, digital and AI transformation can have on frontline care delivery and system optimization. We will share how the UK healthcare system accelerated their digital journey, connecting the system through a common data platform and enabling cutting edge AI technologies to be implemented.

Presentation Files Palantir

11:30am – 12:30pm PST Coal Harbour A

Session 3A – Concurrent Panel: Human Capital Management: How Can Innovation Relieve the Staffing Shortages?

The recent global report by Elsevier and Ipsos entitled “Clinician of the Future” tells us that one in three clinicians are considering leaving their current role by 2024 with as many as half of this group leaving healthcare entirely. For those of you doing the math, that's only two short years away. In fact, the shortage of healthcare workers is the biggest threat we have to ensuring access to quality care.

To face this challenge, healthcare stakeholders will need to reimagine how they support current workers as well as evolve the systems and mindset to create an effective workforce for the future. While traditional tools such as recruitment, increased education capacity, and retention are still critical, to ensure the sustainability of a high quality healthcare system, it will be important to consider system redesign, labour substitution and leveraging the power of technology and analytics.

11:30am – 12:30pm PST Coal Harbour B

Session 3B – Concurrent Panel: Pharmacogenomics: The Benefits of Testing our Entire Population

Moderator: Martin Dawes

12:30pm – 1:30pm PST

Lunch Break - Sponsored by Cerner

1:30pm – 2:00pm PST Coal Harbour A Presentation Files Faisal Khan

Session 4A – Concurrent Keynote by Roche: Innovation in the Laboratory Space: Implementing In-house CGP for Research and for Clinical Care

The value for Canadian health care providers and their patients in moving from multi-gene panels to CGP within Canadian Labs.

Presentation Files Faisal Khan

1:30pm – 2:00pm PST Coal Harbour B

Session 4B – Concurrent Keynote by Microsoft: Driving Healthcare Innovation with Data Analytics & Technology Intrapreneurship with PHSA

What strategies should Canadian healthcare leaders be considering when crafting their Data Analytics and technology strategies to better benefit patients, providers, and payors? From shorter wait times to improved patient outcomes, a successful data analytics strategy must consider cultural, business, technological and ethical issues all while meeting a challenging climate of Canadian regulation and system complexity.

Join our keynote as we provide learnings with Canadian healthcare provider case studies in Cloud and AI as we bring perspectives in refining your own data analytics strategy.

Topics will include:
-Data Analytics Case Studies in Canadian Healthcare Today
-Best Practices in Maintaining Data Analytics solutions in Healthcare
-Sparking Technology Intrapreneurship in Healthcare

2:05pm – 3:05pm PST Coal Harbour A

Session 5A – Concurrent Panel: Digital Health Transformations for Point of Care Health Services - Digital Doctor’s Bag to Help Patients Where They Are

Health services are conventionally offered at facilities that need patients to physically visit for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: access to different health professionals in proximity, availability of specialized equipment for diagnosis and treatment, or usage of laboratory or imaging services. With the recent development and refinement of digital health technologies, offering timely and appropriate health services to patients at their own homes are increasingly abundant and sophisticated. This session explores the current state-of-the-art approaches in digital health for providing point of care services where the patients are, and what the future holds in this health service transformation enabled by digital technologies.

2:05pm – 3:05pm PST Coal Harbour B

Session 5B – Concurrent Panel: “Trust but Verify”: Patient Trust & Information Integrity Through Privacy & Security

Healthcare is on the brink of many seismic shifts. Innovations, mergers, acquisitions and external factors will continue to introduce new risks. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for cybersecurity and privacy to become fully integrated, by design, in the piloting and deployment of healthcare services and solutions. How can we be sure that our healthcare information is secure amid the changing landscape? What are the new tools industry players and healthcare practitioners need to deploy to ensure our data is accurate and secure? When third party providers of data storage services are acquired, how do we know that our information is still going to be secure?

Research and innovation requires access and analysis of our data, so access is critical for continuing improvement, but can we be sure our information is secure while helping to solve healthcare issues for the next generation?

3:05pm – 3:20pm PST

Afternoon Break

3:20pm – 3:50pm PST Coal Harbour A

Session 6A – Concurrent Keynote by WELL Health: Improving our Healthcare Ecosystem by Better Supporting our Care Providers

While it is important to enlist patients in their own healthcare journey, our healthcare ecosystem is still underpinned by care providers who are finding it increasingly difficult to operate businesses, implement technology solutions and provide care. We all, as healthcare focused organizations, are currently fighting a crisis in our healthcare industry due to the many real challenges experienced by providers every day, including rising costs, and difficulties recruiting and retaining quality workers. We will discuss solutions to these and other challenges that leverage technology, scale, and sound business practices.

3:20pm – 3:50pm PST Coal Harbour B Presentation Files Okta - Adam & Joel

Session 6B – Concurrent Keynote by Okta: Every Healthcare Provider, Employee, and Patient Experience Starts with Identity

2022 is an inflection point for the healthcare industry. Health systems across the country are facing staff shortages and employee burnout. Moreover, patients are suffering from gaps in care due to wait times. Technology is key to shifting the paradigm from reactive to proactive.

A lot of healthcare organizations will tell you they are not ready to make the shift due to limitations in infrastructure, applications, and APIs, spread across on-prem and cloud environments. They have resource constraints that inhibit this shift. And most importantly, underneath it all is sensitive patient data that must be protected, while ensuring access to apps and data from anywhere for all of their users.

Health systems are turning to digital health solutions to stop the bleed, increasing capacity, expanding accessibility, and connecting more with patients. Identity is at the center of every one of those experiences.

This keynote will dive into the challenges and approaches healthcare organizations are taking surrounding:
-Speeding time to access for providers, employees/IT, and contractors through automated onboarding and provisioning into apps, including the electronic health record (EHR)
-Unifying the patient experiences, as they access personal health data across more portals, digital health applications and channels
-Increasing security posture through a cybersecurity strategies

Presentation Files Okta - Adam & Joel

3:55pm – 4:25pm PST Coal Harbour Ballroom Presentation Files Rich Birhanzel

Session 7 - Keynote Address by Accenture: Meet Me in the Healthcare Metaverse with Accenture: How the Continuum of Technology and Experience is Reshaping Healthcare

We are on the threshold of a new decade of digital transformation, and at a defining moment for all healthcare leaders. The pandemic accelerated us into a new era of health—one where both our challenges and opportunities have been amplified. The "Metaverse Continuum"—a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models is poised to revolutionize life and enterprise in the next decade—and the impact on healthcare begins today. The leaders in this era will be those who combine technology innovation with human ingenuity to reshape access, experience and outcomes.

Join Accenture's Rich Birhanzel as he walks us through the technology trends that will innovate healthcare experiences in the future.

Presentation Files Rich Birhanzel

4:25pm – 4:30pm PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Closing Remarks

Friday , September 23, 2022

8:30am – 8:45am PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Administrative Announcements & Territorial Acknowledgement

8:45am – 9:15am PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Session 8 – Opening Fireside Chat: How Can We Give Citizens/Patients More Control Over Their Health and Healthcare?

The conversation will explore the challenges being experienced by health and care systems around the world and showcase how it is possible through intelligent use of next generation digital tools and services to provide high quality, safe, effective and sustainable healthcare for our citizens. It should challenge your thinking about our current healthcare delivery models and explore how the integration of healthcare services putting the citizen at the centre can secure transformational change.

9:20am –10:20am PST Coal Harbour A

Session 9A – Concurrent Panel: Patients, Practitioners, Technology and Privacy: The Need for Speed in Healthcare Delivery

The COVID 19 pandemic punched the “ON” button for rapid innovation in healthcare delivery. Remote consultations, large-scale vaccine delivery and the routine use of AI and machine learning tools to turn vast amounts of public health data into actionable information became the new normal. Our first two panelists, one speaking for patients and one for practitioners, will share their perspectives on the ongoing and urgent need for sustained innovation to deal with the remaining obstacles that bog down healthcare delivery. Our second pair of panelists will share their perspectives on how privacy-conscious technologies can provide a direct and powerful response to healthcare’s need for speed.

9:20am –10:20am PST Coal Harbour B

Session 9B – Concurrent Panel: Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Medicine

The promise of precision medicine will be realized only with patient access to innovative diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. This panel will explore challenges and successes in bringing this vision to life - from R&D to diagnostics to analytics to treatments - and the impacts on patient outcomes and health system utilization.

10:20am – 10:45am PST

Morning Break

10:45am – 11:45am PST Coal Harbour A

Session 10A – Concurrent Panel: Have We Fully Leveraged Innovation to Solve the Primary Care Crisis?

Much is being written today about Canada’s primary care system and the number of Canadians who do not have access to a family doctor or a regular primary care provider. Primary care is the bedrock for all health services. Strained by the impact of the pandemic, we are seeing even more pressure building on an already overburdened primary care system which is, in turn, challenging other parts of our healthcare system. Many have described this as a primary care crisis. Whatever we call it, our governments, doctors, primary care providers and healthcare associations are all calling for urgent change.

This panel will explore what Canada needs to do right now to address these challenges, the solutions that are essential for doing so, and how we might look at innovation and digital technology to offer some new ways of improving access to care and strengthening our primary care system.

10:45am – 11:45am PST Coal Harbour B

Session 10B – Concurrent Panel: Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): Is Canada Ready to Face This Silent Pandemic?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared antibiotic resistance as “one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today”. It is estimated that over 1.2 million deaths were caused by antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections globally in 2019. Development of new antibiotics has also decreased in recent decades, a trend that exacerbated the growing burden of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). To address this concern, the United States, the UK, and other G7 countries are creating tools to both improve access to new antibiotics and to encourage a One Health solution that includes incentivizing research and innovation for new antibiotics. Of the 18 new antibiotics approved and launched in 14 high-income countries over the past 10 years, only two have been approved in Canada, the lowest of all countries compared. This panel will discuss the urgent need for new antibiotics and the barriers that have led to low access to such lifesaving antibiotics in Canada. The panel will also discuss possible mechanisms to reverse this trend.

11:50am – 12:20pm PST Coal Harbour A Presentation Files HCABC - Kevin & Eman

Session 11A – Concurrent Keynote by Hospice Care Alliance of BC: A Business Case for Action

The long-predicted shift in demographics has arrived. Baby boomers are now aging adults as the senior population expands rapidly at rates never seen before. Despite the significant advances in health care, the system today must find a way to pivot to accommodate the needs of those approaching end-of-life and explore innovative solutions to alleviate the burden on our health care system. Failure to address these profound shifts will overwhelm our hospitals and emergency rooms and have a catastrophic impact on our health care system. We need a call to action to create new approaches, programs, and systems to support our older adults to live well in the communities of their choice.

In this keynote speech, the Hospice Care Alliance of BC will identify not only the current challenges but the strategic ‘Path Forward’ – an initiative undertaken collaboratively by five leading hospice palliative care organizations in BC to address these challenges. A key outcome of this significant body of work is the formation of a provincial alliance between community and health system leaders. This alliance, already a driving force in BC, recognizes the necessity of joining forces to coordinate action, leverage scarce resources, create a greater impact on our aging demographic, and generate awareness and support from the public, government, and institutions.

Presentation Files HCABC - Kevin & Eman

11:50am – 12:20pm PST Coal Harbour B Presentation Files Stephen Goldsmith

Session 11B – Concurrent Keynote by Petal Solutions: How Implementing Digital Health Innovation Improves Access for Patients

The Quintuple Aim is the ultimate concept to optimize healthcare system performance of simultaneously improved patient access, workforce well-being, population health, health equity and lower costs.

Meanwhile, advancements in digital health are transforming healthcare systems to become more proactive, relevant, and convenient than ever before, both for patients and the workforce. While several technologies have emerged in the field of digital health during the last few years, each of them typically target only one aim at a time. Interconnecting multiple digital health solutions is becoming essential to revolutionizing healthcare systems.

The purpose of this keynote session is to present a cutting-edge technology infrastructure which integrates in real-time all disparate health technology systems. The Petal Orchestrator is a Cloud-Based digital platform that provides the most critical assets - more specifically output visualization of patient needs, workforce capacity, and their ‘human fit’ data. At the end of this presentation, you will better understand how the Petal Orchestrator takes advantage of the synergetic effect of the Quintuple Aim and unlocks the potential for high-performing healthcare systems through better access.

Authors: Stephen Goldsmith, MBA; Mireille Luc, PhD

Presentation Files Stephen Goldsmith

12:20pm – 1:20pm PST

Lunch Break - Sponsored by Fedora Pharmaceuticals

1:20pm –1:50pm PST Coal Harbour Ballroom Presentation Files Pieter Cullis

Session 12 – Keynote Address: How is the Personalized Medicine Revolution Going to Evolve?

Medicine is about to undergo a profound change as we undergo a transition from reactive, one-size-fits all medicine to preventive, personalized medicine. In this talk I will outline a possible path this revolution will take. It will happen outside the established medical establishment as a growing number of individuals take advantage of the detailed molecular analyses that are available and take action to prevent the onset of disorders they are trending towards. The steps will involve molecular analyses that include genetic, proteomic, metabolomic and microbiomic assays among others, followed by four stages of intervention. These interventions will first involve diet and exercise prescriptions, then targeted supplements and then genetic therapy interventions as each stage of personalized, preventive medicine approaches loses effectiveness. In the final analysis we will have to tackle aging as the biggest risk factor leading to life-threatening disease.

Presentation Files Pieter Cullis

1:55pm – 2:55pm PST Coal Harbour A

Session 13A – Concurrent Panel: Innovation in Genomics Education for Healthcare Professionals

The role of genomics in precision health has become more evident since the COVID-19 pandemic. Targeted Genomics Education for Health Professionals (GEHP) plays a key role in effective and responsible implementation of genomics in health care, but is often insufficient in many jurisdictions and countries due to lack of dedicated and sustainable resources. With diverse professional and geographic backgrounds, this panel of experts will share with the audience their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm on GEHP. They will also explore innovations that can be brought in to provide high quality and equitable genomics education to health providers across professions to benefit patients.

1:55pm – 2:55pm PST Coal Harbour B

Session 13B – Concurrent Panel: The Future of Digital Health: Equity and Access

What is the future of digital health? A big question which requires a step back to think through some fundamental questions.

Question 1: What is the data? Health Canada lists 12 factors that influence health.1 Are each of these factors of equal weight? Should all be included? Question 2: How is the data managed? What are the data security, privacy, quality, and consistency rules? Question 3: How is the data to be accessed? By whom? How and when? For what purposes? Question 4: Who determines the answers to these questions? How is the ‘system’ governed? Using what principles?

Consideration of ethics (particularly equity) underlie the answers to each of these questions. Canada’s rich diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender identification, wealth, education, language, and religious beliefs challenges our ability to find common answers but may enable very robust solutions.

1. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/health-promotion/population-health/what-determines-health.html

2:55pm – 3:15pm PST

Afternoon Break

3:15pm – 4:45pm PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Closing Panel: Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Implementing Innovation Now

Following the stresses placed on them through the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems are reaching a crisis point globally. Canada’s universal healthcare system is exhausting practitioners and our financial resources with over 50% of Canadians finding it difficult to access the care they need. It has reached the point that health innovations need to be put to the practical test of implementation- “the rubber needs to hit the road”. Join the panel discussion as we highlight the key points and takeaways from the summit proceedings. Together with the audience we will propose near-term actions that will benefit from the innovation inertia of the COVID-19 pandemic to build an equal access system of disease prevention, personalized medicine and healthy longevity.

4:45pm - 5:00pm PST Coal Harbour Ballroom

Closing Remarks & Announcements

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