The Future of Privacy: More Data and More Choices

October 27th, 2015

Alan Westin famously described privacy as the ability of individuals “to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others.” Today, the challenge of controlling let alone managing our information has strained this definition of privacy to the breaking point. As one former European consumer protection commissioner put […]

Joseph Jerome - Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum

Joseph Jerome serves as Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum. At FPF, Joseph’s issue portfolio focuses on Big Data and the Internet of Things, where he works educational privacy questions, smart technologies, drones and ethical uses of information. He organizes the Consumer-Business Dialogue, which brings industry and consumer advocates together to discuss new […]

The Future of Privacy: Q&A with Commissioner Elizabeth Denham

October 19th, 2015

Q1: What are the rules surrounding how Canadian governments use personal data? From @Camosun College students A1: Canada has provincial and federal privacy laws that set out rules government must follow when using personal data. Under BC laws, government must have clear legal authority to collect personal information. If BC law explicitly prescribes collection or […]

Elizabeth Denham - Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

Since her appointment as British Columbia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner in May 2010, Elizabeth Denham has raised the profile of information rights, promoted transparency in government and adopted a proactive approach to the enforcement of access and privacy laws in B.C. Promoting privacy rights is her top priority. Commissioner Denham has led investigations into several high-profile […]

BC Information and Privacy Commissioner to host a Twitter Q&A on the Future of Privacy October 14th, 2015

October 8th, 2015

We are pleased to announce a unique opportunity to engage in a Twitter Q&A with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia, Elizabeth Denham about the future of privacy. The Commissioner will answer your questions leading up to the Privacy & Access 20/20: The Future of Privacy conference November 12-13, 2015 in Vancouver, B.C. hosted by […]

Reboot Communications Ltd. - Communications Team

Experts Corner: Privacy & Access Q&A with Steve Anderson

September 25th, 2015

What is the biggest issue in privacy facing Canadians today? The biggest privacy issue facing Canadians today is the mass collection and sharing of their data, without their knowledge. We are living in the digital information age, which has immense benefits for us. Information is readily available at our fingertips, and we can communicate with […]

Steve Anderson - Founder and Executive Director of

Steve Anderson is the founder and Executive Director of Steve is an open Internet advocate and commentator. His writing has appeared in numerous local and national print and online publications such as The Tyee, the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, and the National Post. Steve is a contributing author of the CCPA book The Internet […]

Privacy and Voting

September 5th, 2015

Arguably the two most important rights in a liberal democracy are the right to privacy and the right to vote. When these two concepts are combined, the right to a secret ballot becomes the strongest underpinning of our democratic system. Certainly nobody in Canada would argue that the secret ballot should be compromised. But what […]

Dimitri Pantazopoulos - Partner, Maple Leaf Strategies

Dimitri has spent his career in politics and public policy, providing communications and strategic advice based on sound public opinion research. Dimitri provided public opinion research and managed direct voter contact for the 2013 BC Liberal election campaign and received national accolades as the only pollster to accurately predict the outcome of the provincial election. […]