Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Machine Learning

THURSDAY, October 21, 2021

Coal Harbour A Panel A: Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Machine Learning 

Healthcare costs have risen faster than inflation for decades. Experts estimate healthcare will account for over 20% of GDP by 2025. Doctors are working harder to treat patients and physician shortages are growing. Medical professionals have their schedules packed so tightly that much of the human element which motivated their pursuit of medicine is reduced or non-existent. 

In healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) can seem intimidating yet for most medical professionals AI will be an accelerant and enabler, not a threat. Three ways that AI can add value to the future delivery of healthcare are faster, less expensive, and more accurate. The interaction of speed, cost and accuracy can do amazing things for patients. However, the promise of improved speed, cost, or accuracy alone is often insufficient to meaningfully impact patient care.

Moderator:  Evgueni Loukipoudis, CTO, Digital Technology Supercluster

Mr. Loukipoudis has led the digital transformation of several corporations. He has also been part of technology start-ups and participated in several open industry-wide and standardization initiatives. Evgueni holds an MSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria.