Say ‘Yes’ to Cloud Apps with the Right Protection

January 29th, 2016

It’s not a question that by this time, bring your own device (BYOD) work policies have become one of the core security considerations to implement across an entire company. Since employees increasingly gravitated towards accessing company information using their personally-owned devices, businesses have had the inevitable decision to deliver proper BYOD security policies. What’s emerged […]

Greg Coughlin - Director, Security Business Unit IBM Canada Ltd.

Greg is responsible for the strategic direction, client relationships and operational management of IBM’s Security business in Canada. In this capacity, Greg holds accountability for the overall signings, revenue, profit and client satisfaction of IBM’s market leading Security products, services and solutions. His team of over 200 Canadian professionals are responsible for selling, supporting and […]

Moving Canadian Business Securely To The Cloud

January 22nd, 2016

The final argument against Canadian businesses moving to the cloud is going away in 2016. This year both Microsoft Azure and AWS are going to start delivering services from Canadian soil. According to Mark Schrutt, Research Vice-President Services and Enterprise Applications at IDC Canada, “60% of Canadian buyers preferred to have IaaS delivered from within […]

Mark Nunnikhoven - Vice President, Cloud Research, Trend Micro

Mark Nunnikhoven helps organizations build securely in the cloud.  Opinionated, passionate, driven, Mark is more than a cliched byline. In his 20+ years tackling development and operational challenges around the world, Mark has seen all manner of “interesting” solutions. Teaching the community through his writing, speaking, and code, Mark works hard to help everyone modernize […]

Prevent, Detect and Remediate: Enforcing Proactive Responses to Today’s Endpoint Vulnerabilities

January 21st, 2016

Organizations are more global, complex and mobile than ever before – so naturally, the state of endpoint security is changing as well. The challenge is that traditional security solutions, such as anti-virus and anti-spyware software, aren’t built for 24/7 compliance with consideration to today’s sophisticated and evolving cyberattacks. Alone, these traditional solutions lack the capabilities […]

John Beal - IBM Endpoint Security and Saas Leader, Canada

John Beal is the National Endpoint Security and Saas Leader for Canada. Previously he was the Sales Leader for Mobility and Endpoint Solutions across Canada and the Caribbean. He has 20 years experience with IBM across both Hardware and Software.

Experts Corner: Privacy & Security with Alex Manea

January 20th, 2016

1. What are the biggest issues in privacy and/or security facing Canadians today? I think that one of the most important issues is the balance between personal privacy and national security. Given recent world events, there have been renewed calls for increased online surveillance, but we also need to protect our individual rights and freedoms. […]

Alex Manea - Director, Security, Research In Motion

Alex Manea is the Director of BlackBerry Security. He is a founding member of the group that has made BlackBerry synonymous with mobile security. Alex has looked after mobile security for nearly 10 years, including BlackBerry smartphones, BES, BBM, Android and iOS. He is a Certified Software Security Lifecycle Professional and has an Honors degree […]

Security in Healthcare: Strengthening Your Defense Team With Analytics

January 15th, 2016

Today’s digital environment provides the opportunity to harbour, share and utilize endless streams of information, including healthcare. Healthcare organizations store incredibly private, and potentially valuable data that may reveal unique insights into both medical conditions and effective patient care. For instance, treatments are becoming more personalized than ever before, patients are monitored much more efficiently […]

Paul Lewis - Executive Consultant Security Services, IBM Canada

Paul has more than 25 years international experience in Information Technology, Privacy, Security, and Risk Management and an acknowledged expert in North American, Canadian, and European security and privacy practices. He is Executive Consultant for IBM Canada’s Security Services Practice and IBM North America Healthcare Security Leader. Paul has completed projects in many sectors with […]