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24th Annual Healthcare Summit

Medicine 3.0: Exploring the Nexus of Longevity, Artificial Intelligence, and Genomics

October 28-30, 2024
Coast Coal Harbour Hotel

Vancouver, BC


Presenting the 24th Annual Healthcare Summit at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, BC.  This fully in-person summit brings together over 50 national and international subject matter experts and leaders in artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, longevity and genomics.  Our goal is to facilitate a collaborative and interactive environment that can stimulate innovative thinking, develop new relationships, and help translate research into practice.

Through a curated blend of keynote presentations, interactive panels, and expert-led discussions, we will illuminate the cutting-edge developments reshaping the healthcare landscape. From the integration of AI-driven solutions in diagnosis and treatment to the profound impact of genomics on personalized medicine, our summit will be at the forefront of exploring these revolutionary advancements.

Under the overarching theme of “Medicine 3.0:  Exploring the Nexus of  Longevity, Artificial Intelligence, and Genomics” we invite delegates to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring how AI is revolutionizing diagnostics, treatment protocols, and patient care.  Moreover, we will delve into the intersection of longevity research and healthy aging exploring strategies to optimize healthspan and quality of life.


Privacy & Security Conference

British Columbia, this three-day conference is hosted by the Province of British Columbia, along with its partners and sponsors and is renowned for its outstanding content, world class experts and excellent peer to peer networking opportunities with industry and government leaders.

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Healthcare Summit

This summit is a forum that allows healthcare officials, senior policy makers, and the private sector to meet and discuss the ways in which government can bend the cost curve through innovation, and transform the quality healthcare delivery arena to produce effective and efficient healthcare solutions.

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