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26th Annual Vancouver International Privacy & Security Summit

Guarding Privacy, Fortifying Security: Navigating the AI Frontier

March 6-8, 2024
Westin Bayshore Hotel
Vancouver, BC

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Presenting the 26th Annual Vancouver International Privacy & Security Summit at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.  This fully in-person summit will offer a platform for up to 750 security and privacy professionals from around the world to discuss important issues on how we securely live, work, and play as the move to digital platforms accelerates..

Through riveting keynote sessions, interactive workshops, and collaborative panels, this event promises to unravel the complexities, challenges, and opportunities that define our digital age. Join us in charting a course toward a harmonious future where AI advancements coalesce with unwavering commitments to individual rights, data sovereignty, and technological trust.


Privacy & Security Conference

British Columbia, this three-day conference is hosted by the Province of British Columbia, along with its partners and sponsors and is renowned for its outstanding content, world class experts and excellent peer to peer networking opportunities with industry and government leaders.

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Healthcare Summit

This summit is a forum that allows healthcare officials, senior policy makers, and the private sector to meet and discuss the ways in which government can bend the cost curve through innovation, and transform the quality healthcare delivery arena to produce effective and efficient healthcare solutions.

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