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At Reboot Communications we focus on digital media, health, data security and privacy, specializing in content curation and executive level training. Reboot has over 15 years of experience organizing industries interested in key policy issues, professional development and B2B/B2C relations, which often result in highly productive networking opportunities.

Privacy & Security Conference

British Columbia, this three-day conference is hosted by the Province of British Columbia, along with its partners and sponsors and is renowned for its outstanding content, world class experts and excellent peer to peer networking opportunities with industry and government leaders.

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Healthcare Summit

This conference is a forum that allows healthcare officials, senior policy makers, and the private sector to meet and discuss the ways in which government can bend the cost curve through innovation, and transform the quality healthcare delivery arena to produce effective and efficient healthcare solutions.

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Canadian Videogame Awards

This annual award show celebrates Canada’s spot on the world stage as a leader in interactive entertainment and honours the best and brightest talent in Canadian videogames. Each year awards are presented in 17 different categories with nominations received from across the country.

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Digital Economy Congress

The internet and its resulting digital technologies have drastically altered the platforms of business, industry and government. These changes have created greater access for the individual and broken down pre-existing economic, social and educational barriers. The Digital Economy Congress was established to discuss and debate the effects this new economy is having on society as a whole.

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